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The Moganshan Lodge      Fresh coffee, fresh air and a taste of history    马克咖啡

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We Offer

Food and Drink

Fresh coffee, genuine British breakfasts, home-baked cakes, simple lunches, slap-up dinners and of course alcohol, including a Shanghai class wine list. Produce is locally sourced or homemade (the bacon is cured by us from the excellent local pork), and we do not like waste so dinners only are cooked to order.


Served from 9:00am until lunch starts, which is usually about 11:30am


Burger, pasta or sandwiches and a salad

Packed lunches also available if booked in advance


One meal for everyone. The first person to order the main course, chooses what everyone eats. And by everyone we mean the entire restaurant. To be sure to get what you want, please check our dinner menu and then send an email to us with your request. If you're first, you get it. If you're not, we'll tell you what has been booked for that night and you hope you will like it.

The ONLY flexibility we allow is for vegetarians and children. Pastas from the lunch menu can be served for children, but are best ordered in advance too please.

Dinner is served at 7.30pm on the dot.

We choose the starters and puddings according to numbers of guests (and children and vegetarians) and the weather. We try to offer a choice of puddings but cannot always guarantee to.


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Opening Hours



周一至周日              9am-11pm

Winter Break (冬季休息)

2019.01.02.- 02.28

开业 Reopen:2019.3.1






   343 Yin Shan Jie Moganshan

       De Qing, Zhe Jiang, China






0572 8033011


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