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The Moganshan Lodge      Fresh coffee, fresh air and a taste of history    马克咖啡

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周一至周日              9am-11pm

Winter Break (冬季休息)

2019.01.02.- 02.28

开业 Reopen:2019.3.1






   343 Yin Shan Jie Moganshan

       De Qing, Zhe Jiang, China






0572 8033011


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Moganshan History

   The foreigners, both missionaries and businessmen, divided their new acquisition into lots and built houses of wattle and mud. The typhoons made short work of those, so they quarried local stone and used that. Many of the original housesare still standing today.



   A Moganshan Summer Resort Association was soon established, which acted in no little way like the Municipal Council that governed Shanghai.Committees were formed, edicts issued and funds raised for important things like a church, tennis courts and a swimming pool. The swimming pool still exists. The tennis courts do too, under a dense tangle of undergrowth. The church is the grand building on the Ridge Road. It is now a carpentry store and workshop.

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