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The Moganshan Lodge      Fresh coffee, fresh air and a taste of history    马克咖啡

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周一至周日              9am-11pm

Winter Break (冬季休息)

2019.01.02.- 02.28

开业 Reopen:2019.3.1






   343 Yin Shan Jie Moganshan

       De Qing, Zhe Jiang, China






0572 8033011


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Moganshan History

Gan's wife was called MoYe. Hence Moganshan, and the main village's tourist attraction, the Sword Pond. More recent legend describes Emperors of the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1127-1279), which was based in nearby Hangzhou, making hunting trips to the mountain and no doubt refreshing themselves with the same spring water.

   There are other legends too, of buried treasure, baddies getting struck by thunder bolts that cleft rocks in two, hence Da Keng Jing Qu (Weird Stone Coner), another local attraction, and then there were the foreigners. Missionaries were the first of them, renting room sand whole houses from locals in the 1880s, in the valleys that run off the mountain. Then the international community of Shanghai got wind of the refreshing breezes and pure spring water of Moganshan. It was just the place they were looking for, healthy and cool, and a darn site closer to Shanghai than Kuling, now Lushan, their main heat retreat, 'discovered' only a few years earlier. So they bought it, the top of the mountain that is, for fifty dollars.

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