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Mark Kitto and his Books
Mark and China Cuckoo_副本

Now in its fourth edition, Mark Kitto’s China Cuckoo,

How I Lost a Fortune and Found a Life, continues to fly

– just like a cuckoo – off the shelves, You will need a VPN

at least at the Moganshan Lodge.

There’s a rumour Mark told the staff on the ticket gates to let people leave the mountain only if they could produce a brand new copy.

(He wishes it were true.)

The latest edition includes an epilogue explaining why Mark and his family have decided, while still running the Lodge, to base themselves back in the UK (for the children’s education) but it also contains one major misprint Mark has been trying to get each one of his four publishers to correct. If you find it, you get a free beer at the Lodge.

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** New Book -- That's China


'Genuinely fascinating - written with humour and nerve'  -  Daily Telegraph.  

'Mark Kitto beat the odds' - Sunday Times.  

'One of the better known entrepreneurs of his generation in China' - New York Times.

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