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The Moganshan Lodge      Fresh coffee, fresh air and a taste of history    马克咖啡

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周一至周日              9am-11pm

Winter Break (冬季休息)

2019.01.02.- 02.28

开业 Reopen:2019.3.1






   343 Yin Shan Jie Moganshan

       De Qing, Zhe Jiang, China






0572 8033011


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Our team

Meet The Team

Let’s meet them and hope you will enjoy the service that we provid.

Our Guesthouses

Johnny Wang


It’s Johnny who you’ll more than likely make contact with before you even arrive  in Moganshan. You certainly want to do that to make sure you’re the one who chooses what everyone in the restaurant eats for dinner.  (See the menu pages for how that works.) Johnny is from Gansu moutain area, who’ll be delighted to tell you everything worth seeing and doing in this one.

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Qin Ayi_1

Qin Ayi

The behind-the-scenes boss

Qin Ayi knows everything. She’s been with us for years and if anyone has a problem or question, Qin Ayi has the answer.It’s no joke that she is also probably the best qualified and most experienced member of staff,having  worked for years at top hotels in Shanghai, where she comes from. Do have  a good Shanghai gossip with her, if you can catch her in a spare moment when she’s not making sure everything is running smoothly!


Xiao Lu


Xial Lu used to cook at House 23 since 2008, we are so happy that now she's serving her great food at Lodge.

JoAn Zhong

Bar Manager

We might be on the top of a remote mountain but JoAn can knock up a Margarita that’ll have you on the beach in Acapulco and an Irish Coffee that’d make Dublin proud.

JoAn is a local girl who would be also look after our guests who stay with us in House 23.