The 'village' of Moganshan, as it stands today, was first created in 1898 by a group of foreigners looking for an escape from the heat of Shanghai summers.  The mountain, of course,  

has been standing much longer...           Continue Reading


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周一至周日              9am-11pm

Winter Break (冬季休息)

2015.12.10.- 3.2

开业 Reopen:2016.3.3







   343 Yin Shan Jie Moganshan

       De Qing, Zhe Jiang, China







0572 8033011                                                                    

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Lodge Offers

Food and Drinks, Books,Games and DVDs, Directions for light strolls,serious hikes,  

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     The Moganshan Lodge         Fresh coffee, fresh air and a taste of history       马克咖啡

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